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  • Giant Force began to operate a factory in Panchiao in Taipei County.  (Map)

  • Develop the first Thermal Shock tester in Taiwan.

  • With growing demand, production was moved to a larget facility at No.23 San-lung St. in Shulin.

  • In response to the environmental protection, Giant Force was the first instrument maker to utilize Dupont HCFC for cooling systems.

  • Giant Force was honored with the "Outstanding Product Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung were opened to extend the marketing and offered better service to client.

  • Cooperated with the industrial Development Bureau and the Testing Technology Development Center of ITRI to research and develop a dual-pressure precision humidity tester.

  • Honored with the New Product Category Award by the National Instruments Association.

  • Technical cooperation with ITT of Germany yields the first 1600℃ to 50℃ temperature shock tester.

  • Received the Certification for ISO-9001(RW-TUV,Registration No.041008114)

  • Giant Force became the only manufacture in Taiwan to receive the approval for its temperature standard calibration laboratory from the Council of Nation Laboratory Accreditation.

  • The new production plant at Pa-teh St. began to construct, approximately 5000sq.m of land in Shulin.

  • Giant Force Collaborated with Good Will Instruments to explore and to increase the marketing opportunities.

  • Invest Giant Force (Dong-guan)in mainland China.

  • The new production plant at Pa-teh St. began to operate in Shulin in May.

  • Trainging Center was established for the Humidity Calibration Center.

  • Cooperated with HITACHI on producing HDD AGING CHAMBER by OEM.



  • Laid out and established the second manufacturing factory in Wujiang, Suzhou City, Mainland China (covering a land of about 8686 square meters), scheduled to begin mass-production in May, 2005.

  • Branch in Tainan were opened to extend the marking and offer better service to cilent.

  • The forerunner in the world to induce the 256MB high-capacity, environmental, and paperless CF thermo-hygrograph into the programmable, microcomputer color touch screen thermohygrograph controller.       Suzhou  China  picture-1 and  picture-2 



  • Completed and officially put into service the manufacturing factory in Wujiang on Sep 6th (with about 6000 square meters of workshop area).

  • Introduced the new NCT automatic equipment AMADA from Japan and implemented it into the assembly line.

  • To develop completed according with IEC61215, IEC61646, IEC62108, UL1703 Silicon thin-film and Solar Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules panel for thermal cycling test, humidity freeze test and damp heat test's environmental testing chamber.

  • To develop completed the 200 channel high power LED and 40 channel light bar LED integrated system of life tester machine.

  • Pass the TUV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd. authorization and the audit of Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement (ISO 14064-1:2006).

  • The development of photovoltaic modules fire resistance test equipment to build a PV modules refractory laboratory at Fire Protection Laboratiory, Fire Portection and Safety Rsearch Center, National Cheng Kung University which approved by the United States UL, to become the second seat of the UL global, also the first accredited laboratory outside the USA.

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